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Step 1: Complete an Application

  • A parent release giving permission to St. Teresa’s Admissions Team to request student grades and teacher recommendations from middle schools is included in the application.  Parents do not need to provide grades and teacher recommendations on their daughter’s behalf.
  • Follow this link to create an account and submit an application:


The STA Admissions team will alert you when it is time to complete the following steps:

Step 2: Student Essay Submission

  • Online Essay Submission form
  • Essay Submission forms will be available in October 2020

Step 3: Schedule a Family Meeting 

  • Family Meetings will be held in January 2021.  Meetings will include prospective students, parents and a St. Teresa’s representative.  
  • Scheduling options will be available in October 2020.

Merit-Based Scholarships Available for Incoming Freshmen

Prospective students applying for the class of 2025 may qualify for merit-based scholarships. If students would like to qualify for a merit scholarship, they will have the option to register to take a Scholarship Exam.  Registration options will be available October 2020.

Merit-based scholarship review will be based on the below criteria: 

  • Scholarship Exam
  • Middle School Grades and Grade Trends 
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Principal Recommendation 
  • Student Essay Submission